About Ecologic Computing

Computing as a main driver

  • Digital transfer → omnipresent computing
  • Leadership in AI → massive computing
  • Virtual Worlds → fast computing
  • Information- and Communication-Technology ICT → distributed computing

Exponential data growth, energy problem, and computability problem

  • Exponential data growth within the next years (SRC, 2021)
  • Data need to be stored, computed, and transported
  • It is impossible to compute every computational task on a digital computing architecture (Boche et al., 2023)

Our breakthrough – new Computing platforms and Post-Shannon

  • Pure software (fabless approach)
  • Analysis of structural properties of the real-world problem, followed by selection of computing models, and finally selection of hardware


Reduction of energy for computing


Resilience in storage


Reduction of data in storage & transport

Multiple Computing Platforms

Digital Computing

Digital computing relies on the precise manipulation of bits, through logical operations performing complex calculations and execute algorithms, enabling the storage and processing of information in a digital format.

Analog Computing

Analog computing, characterized by its use of continuous physical variables, inherently exhibits energy efficiency in specific applications, capitalizing on the parallel and continuous nature of analog processes to optimize power consumption and enhance computational performance. Non-solvable problems In the digital realm become solvable in the analog domain.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics, utilizing qubits, which can exist in superpositions and entangled states, allowing for parallel processing and exponential computational power potential.

Biological Computing

Biological computing explores the application of biological components, e.g., DNA strands, proteins, or cells, to perform computational tasks, offering potential advantages in parallelism, energy efficiency, and novel computing paradigms inspired by the information processing capabilities of living systems.

Variety is the spice of life!

Computing, storage, and Transport

Extraordinary Experience

On the wrapper and abstraction layer, we have a huge experience from prior startup activities.

Our Core Values

Computing under legal constraints: